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Schwinn Radiant Adult Women's 26-in. Hybrid Bike, Blue

Schwinn Radiant Adult Women's 26-in. Hybrid Bike, Blue

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Schwinn Radiant Adult Women's 26-in. Hybrid Bike . Blue

So you have been out enjoying the outdoors more than ever before and thinking . "Wow I would love to get out on a bike and go even further!" But then all those worries about being comfortable and finding a bike that isn't too intimidating come to mind and you push off biking enjoyment for another season. Hold it right there! The Schwinn Radiant hybrid bike by Schwinn is the bike that can remedy those concerns. It has lots of details for your biking comfort and riding enjoyment. First the frame has a step-thru style so there is no awkward leg lift to get on . front shock absorbers to make bumps easier to take . then there is a comfy seat and cushiony yet supportive grips . plus helpful speeds to get you up some of the neighborhood inclines. Of course like all Schwinn bikes the Radiant has a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own the bike. So there should be nothing holding you back from the fun and freedom that awaits! A biking adventure could be yours . even if it is just to the coffee shop. Enjoy the ride with the Radiant by Schwinn. View more from us on our brand page.
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